xperts in Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane
Our furniture is important to us and keeping it clean is vital, not only for our daily hygienic use but for the safety of our loved ones.

Over time,

furniture and general upholstery can become worn and build up a layer of dirt and wear that can include dead skin cells, food residue, bacteria, and other stains.
Not only do these spoil the appearance of our furniture but they can be hazardous to our health.

Regular cleaning of your upholstery is a good idea, so let our expert technicians visit your home and administer a proper clean of your furniture.

Using specialized equipment and years of experience, we will leave your furniture clean and ready for use almost immediately

Book with us today to experience Premium Clean and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane Benefits

Enhance Appearance

We are experts at cleaning delicate fabrics and furniture. We’re trained in keeping furniture in your office or home to look clean and well maintained. Our upholstery cleaning checklist and process are properly prepared to ensure that we

keep and enhance the appearance of your furniture.

Longer Life for Your Furniture

It is common knowledge that the better you take care of your furniture, the longer they’ll last. A professional upholstery cleaning can help prevent stains from forming on your furniture’s fabric. The process involves the removal of dust, body oil, and odours.

Fresher, Cleaner Smell

Over time, your furniture accumulates dust and smell. Air fresheners are not enough to cover up the smell. The only way to get rid of the unwanted odour for good is by giving it a deep thorough furniture cleaning.

How office cleaner service upholstery Cleaning Compares

Our upholstery cleaning service includes a full vacuum across the entire unit, including underneath cushions. We pay close attention to stains and

other obvious defects, ensuring a quality result every time.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

Step 1: Material Assessment

Our first step is to properly and carefully take an initial screening of the sofa material and construction. More importantly, we look at the age of your sofa so that we can maintain its quality. When we have identified the two, we can then choose a suitable shampoo for your sofa.

Step 2: Vacuuming and Secondary Assessment

The next step is the removal of debris, dust, and dirt that seeped into the crevices of your sofa with a heavy-duty vacuum. We avoid dust from spreading across nearby furniture by doing this process before shampooing. We will also treat any areas of your upholstery that may need extra attention.

Step 3: Shampooing and Deep Cleaning

After vacuuming, we will use a special, eco-friendly shampoo fit for the material of your sofa. Deep cleaning comes next. Our cleaning machine injects hot water and our cleaning solution into the furniture to release dirt that may have seeped within the upholstery.

Step 4: Water Extraction

Once the shampoo has had a short dwell time on your sofa, it is then time for hot water extraction. Our suction machine sucks all of the dirty soil out of the sofa leaving it fresh, clean, and brand-new looking.

Step 5: Sanitizing and Deodorizing

After hot water extraction, we make the final touches. We use disinfecting cleaning agents to remove any virus that may have lingered on the surface of your sofa. Once sanitizing is done, we put in a deodorizer to ensure the sofa is odour-free.

Step 6: Final Inspection

A final look around the sofa for any areas that may need further cleaning. Finally, we vacuum the areas around and under your sofa as an added service to remove any dust, debris, or dirt that may have fallen while cleaning.

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