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If you are searching for a flood damage service, water and Flood restoration experts at Office Cleaning Services will provide an on-site assessment and work directly

with your insurance provider to make the flood damage repair process as simple as possible. Our flood damage specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,

just when you need support, to fix the problem quickly (if applicable) and avoid further damages by water.

Providing the Best Services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

You need strong flood remediation tools and equipment to help you get all the job done right and reduce flood damage while dealing with flood-damaged installations.

We’ve got a good-quality line of flood guzzlers, equipment for flood evacuation and air movers for restore professionals who aim for high customer service.
They get residences back to the state they were before the flood came, with minor property damage, and in as short a period as possible, we get companies back into
full service. Some typical firms destroy your architecture, proving them to be someone efficient in restoring water damage. The main reason is the negligence of the primary technique that we use, known as Carpet Dry.

Our new, high-volume super-duty, Office Cleaning Services flood pumper is making the hardest water restore jobs work faster. Thanks to its lightweight size, and

single-person load capability in any form of vehicle, the Office Cleaning Service
allows quick transportation to and from the job site. Office Cleaning

Service 50 GPM (single cord) comes in a standard with a dump hose of 1.5 “in diameter that exceeds the regular garden hose coming in as from the competitors.

Steps to Take When You Find Flood Damage!

The services that we are providing you for flood restoration in Brisbane and

the Gold Coast are the ultimate one, benefiting you from preventing your property along with your health. Some typical firms destroy your architecture, proving

them to be someone efficient in restoring water damage. The main reason is

the negligence of the primary technique that we use, known as Carpet Dry. To reclaim your property as it was, the main thing to do is to dry out the whole place through latest techniques

and trends; the best thing is that we are providing you with the best solutions for the problem. The contractors neglect the steps of solving the problem efficiently.

But we have got a lot of dehumidifiers that are on a commercial level and surely helps out our customers.

  • Stop the supply of water or close every source of water to avoid flooding.
  • If you can’t even control the leak, hire a plumber.
  • Close the electric transformer in affected areas until any electrical appliances are
  • unplugged or removed from the wet rug or flooded areas.
  • Place the aluminium foil in contact with wet carpet or
  • water under the legs or feet of any furniture to avoid permanent staining.
  • Take any curtains or draperies away from the water or wet
  • carpets. Raise and tackle any garments placed on upholstered furniture.
  • Remove books, documents, clothes, clothing, potted plants or other things which may stain wet carpets.

Things that you can avoid while flood damage detection

  • Do not use your home vacuum, it will result in electrical shock, as well as damage to equipment can also happen.
  • Putting newspaper in traffic areas to walk on–transferring newspaper ink easily to wet tapestry fibres resulting in permanent staining.
  • Walking on tapestries as much as possible–this prevents damage from spreading to untouched areas
If flood water inside your home is not treated promptly, it can easily destroy your walls, as well as your furniture, flooring, ceiling and personal property, creating an unhealthy atmosphere for the growth of growing bacteria, rot and mould. The method of flood control consists of two main phases: elimination of floodwater and cleaning up of flood.

Following flood damage at home or in your residential property, our goal is to restore the damaged property as soon as possible to its pre-incident state, mitigating

secondary damage, safely, effectively and with minimum inconvenience for the consumer.

Water Extraction

If the type of damage is classified, plans and methods are drafted to fix the problem. Powerful machines including truck-mounted extractors and water claw are used for

water removal. These devices will extract water for up to 91 per cent. Property Carpet is cleaned and sanitized to avoid bacteria and mould from developing. The top priority is getting a fully water-free area.

Structure Drying

This step involved the dehumidification process, which dries out the existing dampness in the premises to create a perfectly dry space. We use commercial grade dehumidifiers and air movers to efficiently dry your property. Depending on the

extent of water damage, we may introduce advanced drying tools such as injector and dramatic. We also use air scrubbers to improve the air quality and neutralize the environment to protect your health.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Water damage affects the resident’s belongings too. All infected products need to be sanitized to protect them from contamination and the development of moulds. All contaminated products, including bedspreads, sheets, rugs and others, are given special antibacterial care. When required, air scrubbers may be used to enhance air quality and to neutralize the atmosphere to protect your health


Restore water damage can be a lengthy process involving far more than just drying wet carpets. The final step is the actual reconstruction of the house. Based on the damage, we may have to remove the damaged gib panel, carpet and repaint the entire area.

Contact Us For Fast Flood Restoration Service In Brisbane and the Gold Coast

The key to success in water damage restoration is to act fast. Our team is skilled in all industry-standard practices that ensure a clean and healthy environment after a water damage situation. We provide quality services such as flooded carpet drying, wet carpet drying service and overall water damage restoration.

It is important to act fast

No matter what the source or scale of water damage is, it is of paramount importance to remove every bit of water-affected material and contamination as soon as possible. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends disposing of any materials that remain uncleaned and wet for over 48 hours in a water damage situation.

It is important to understand that such materials provide an ideal opportunity for hazardous microorganisms to reproduce and spread in an unrestricted fashion. It is only by removing such hazardous materials that you can improve the quality of breathing air in your house. This is also vital for the restoration process.

Flood Restoration in Brisbane and Gold Coast Prices:

All prices are excluding GST.

Water extraction, cleaning and sanitising $20 per square meter (minimum charge $300 i.e. 15 sqm) per property

Commercial Dehumidifier Hire $99 per night
Air Blower/Carpet Dryer Hire $39 per night
Site Inspection $80 each visit per property (Up to one hour)
Drying Equipment delivery/pick up $80 per visit
**Pricing excludes GST

There might be other charges depending on the type of flood and material affected. This includes but is not limited to browning treatment, content cleaning, rubbish disposal, underlay/carpet replacement, antimicrobial treatment, carpet repair/installation and any building work required. Please note

that for water extraction after hours, we charge time and a half (i.e extra $10 per sqm). For contaminated water (category 2/3 flooding), we may charge $30-$50 per sqm, depending on the extent of the damage. For flood restoration jobs, a cancellation fee of $300 will apply if you cancel the job after booking.

Depending on the type of flood and extent of damage, we may need to use dehumidifiers and air dryers for more than 48 hours. Drying the carpet typically takes 2-3 days. To dry the structure and walls it may take 5-7 days or more.

Our flood restoration technician will visit the site every day to assess the recovery.

Please check our carpet cleaning service and Mould Remediation service as well.

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